Virtual Birth Center Tour

We strive to allow women to labor and birth in a true home-like environment while providing one-on-one care that helps ensure superior mom and baby outcomes. The Birthing Center is not just pretty birth rooms, it is an education-intensive program of care. From your first visit through the birth of your baby and beyond, the Birthing Center is designed to facilitate healthy choices for families.

At Gentle Birth Options, we view pregnancy and birth as normal, healthy events in the life of a family. We promote wellness and positive attitudes about birth and parenting. We watch, test, and examine carefully for the beginning of problems and treat them early so that we can prevent small problems from becoming big ones.

We take the time to help you understand the many choices you have in your birth experience. We listen to you and counsel with you so that we can develop a trust in one another. We work together throughout your pregnancy, labor, birth, and early weeks of parenting. We stay with you from the moment you arrive in labor until you leave with your new baby.

Although emergencies in the center are rare, if it becomes necessary for you to be referred for care in the hospital, we are trained and equipped to begin treatment and to transport you or your baby safely to our associated hospital. We stay with you in the hospital as long as possible. In many cases you can return to our Birthing Center for care after your birth.

At GBO, we pamper new mothers by offering postpartum and breastfeeding support, etc, family planning and women’s health care. We want our center to be a place that you can turn to as new parents.

Why settle for anything less…
A freestanding birth center will give you…care that is founded on the highest standards of quality health services…care that respects you as a person and responds to your individual needs…care that is both safe and sensitive for you and your baby.