Gentle Birth Options Team

Cindi Denbow, CNM, ARNP


I believe that birth is inherently safe, but that a midwife can be a valuable asset to the mother and family, when present with her knowledge, skill and compassion. I strive to achieve the balance between acting as your “caregiver” and supporting you like your friend or sister would–to me, the meaning of “midwife”. I believe that, in most cases, babies can be born easily without my hands, and I strive to provide exceptional care with a very strong “hands-off” policy. If you or baby need me, I am there. But most women and babies are more than capable and willing to birth without a lot of interference from someone else.


I believe that women know how to birth and that babies know how to be born. In this culture, sometimes we need to be reminded of our power and our potential as women. I cannot give anyone empowerment; I only try and show you a reflection of what is already right inside of you.


I received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Columbus State University in 1996 and shortly after began working as a nurse in a variety of hospital settings. In 2002, I expanded my role working as a labor and delivery nurse while teaching breastfeeding and childbirth education classes.


My dream of serving women as a CNM became a reality in 2003 when I was accepted into the original school of Midwifery started by Mary Breckinridge known as the Frontier School of Family Nursing and Midwifery. After completing my residency at a Homebirth practice, I was awarded dual Master’s degrees in Nursing from Case Western Reserve University and The Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing in 2006. I am passionate about providing women options for the exceptional birth experiences and the ongoing healthcare that they desire and deserve. As a result, Gentle Birth Options was founded in 2009.


I live in Niceville with my husband, Dave. We are blessed with four beautiful children, Payton, Maria, David, and Victoria. We enjoy camping, going to the beach, spending time with family and taking care of our many pets. God is Great!


“You are a midwife, assisting at someone else’s birth. Do good without show or fuss. Facilitate what is happening rather than what you think ought to be happening. If you must take the lead, lead so that the mother is helped, yet still free and in charge. When the baby is born, the mother will rightly say: ‘We did it ourselves!’”– The Tao Te Ching