Nicci Fahle

And Cindi Denbow isn’t just a CNM , she’s a God send! She is truly an angel among us!

Monica Blouin

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant & am seeing Cindi at Gentle Birth Options & I could NOT be happier with my decision.

Katie Constable

If we’re lucky enough to still be in the area (military) when we have our next child, Cindi will be the first person we call!

Mary Brandstater Martinek

“Cindi at Gentle Birth Options has an amazing standard of care for prenatal and postnatal care and also offers a huge amount of support for breastfeeding and breastfeeding challenges.”

Stephanie Overstreet

“I birthed my first and, thus far, only son at home in the care of a CNM. Best experience of my life.”

Stephanie Judson

Dear GBO, thanks for making my birth spectacular 🙂 never grew up expecting birth to be an experience I’d want to brag about! I also credit your staff and support for the amazing nursing relationship with my 15 month old that I have today! You guys rock my freaking socks.

The HBAC of Caleb Ryan

Caleb Ryan