The Birth of Eviee

The Birth of Josiah Jayce

The Birth of Jude Allan

On January 14 Todd and I (Nina) welcomed our first child into the world. Jude was born on January 14th at 6:42 p.m. He weighed 6lbs 10oz and was 20in long.
At three in the morning on January 14 my water broke but I was not having contractions. I rolled over and told my husband (Todd) what was going on and then went back to sleep. At 9 a.m. I called the office and told Christina what was going on. Cindi wanted me to come in and confirm that my water had broken and receive my first round of antibiotics. After receiving the antibiotics and confirming that my water broke we headed home. We knew we would have to return later in the afternoon and receive a second round of antibiotics. Once we left at 1 p.m. the contractions began and increased in intensity by 4 p.m. I returned to GBO at 5 p.m. and received my second round of antibiotics. On the ride over I knew I could not make another car trip from Milton to the birthing center. Todd and I were planning on staying in a hotel next to GBO but Cindi suggested we stay. The offer was a great relief to me. Upon checking we found that Jude was going to be here much sooner than expected. The pushing began and he (Jude) was born at 6:42 p.m.
We were able to welcome our son into this world in a peaceful and intimate manner. I want to thank all the ladies at Gentle Birth for helping us welcome our son into this world. I also want to thank everyone in helping us through our breastfeeding struggles. Your support and encouragement has been a blessing.

The Birth of Athena

After experiencing false labor for 18 hours the weekend before and walking as much as I could for the last few weeks I was skeptical when contractions picked up, even though Cindi had checked me that morning (12/19) and said it wouldn’t be too much longer. When the contractions picked up I thought they would stop again so I let my husband (Justin) sleep and went to take a bath (this was around 5:30 or 6). I read on my phone as I soaked in the bath but the pain was increasing and very difficult to ignore, at 7 I could not stand staying still anymore and had to get my husband to help me out of the tub. We had no idea what part of labor we were in, but he did a great job of helping me remember things we could do, and he helped me do the abdominal lift during contractions. At first things seemed okay, but I could not stand lying down or sitting during contractions, I felt the need to pace or be on my knees with my body draped on my birth ball. I also began feeling very nauseous and ended up throwing up four times between 7 and 10pm. Shortly after ten I told my husband that the contractions were getting really bad and I felt a lot of pressure down there. He had been texting Cindi for me and let her know, and she said that we could head to GBO when we were ready. Even after everything that night it still surprised us that it was really time to meet our little girl, but we quickly shook off the shock and excitement and Justin gathered our stuff while I took what seemed like forever getting down the stairs and dreading an hour and a half car ride to GBO. We got in the car and were about to reach the entrance to the interstate, where we would still have about an hour drive when my water broke. Justin asked me if I was sure, I was just glad it had broken because while pain was still there it felt a lot more productive now and I knew this was for sure the real deal. Justin drove as fast and safely as possible, with both of us worrying at different times that the baby might come in the car. I just remember being quiet and just waiting to get there, and griping the peppermint essential oil bottle in my hand that I was still holding onto in case the nausea returned. Looking back now the drive wasn’t that bad, I had thought the pain would make it unbearable but for the most part I was just very focused on what my body was doing. Justin had sent Cindi a “Glympse” so she was actually follow where we were in the car and how long it would be until we arrived. We got to GBO at 11:46 after I had cursed every red light we hit. We were greeted as soon as we got there and Cindi waited for a contraction to end before bringing me inside. Since I was already at the pushing stage I quickly got to the bed in the birthing suite and besides working on getting the baby out the only thing that crossed my mind was if it had turned 12 yet, making it the baby’s official due date or if she would be born in the last moments of the 19th. After some time pushing, with everyone encouraging me and Justin letting me know he could see the baby’s hair and letting me know she was almost there, Athena was born at 12:13 midnight on 12/20! I could not believe it when she was out, I felt so happy and realized and excited that our baby was finally here! I tried to catch my breath and figure out how to hold the wiggling creature that was my daughter. When I think back I still can’t believe I was able to do it, and I know it was the support of Justin, Cindi and the birth center staff that allowed me to be able to focus and relax without letting the pain scare me and cause problems. Athena is amazing and Justin and I are so in love with her. I love sharing our story with others, and will be praising GBO whenever I get a chance. I also love it when sharing our story how my husband always says how proud he is of me, I feel like everything happened perfectly and the way it was meant to. I was always remember it as the day we became a family. We just want to say a big thank-you to Cindi and everyone at GBO, not only was our birth what we wanted but we also have received great post-natal care and I feel confident about breastfeeding thanks to our experience with GBO.

Miss “Athena Jade”

born 12/20/14 @ 0013 

7lb 9oz and 21 in. long.

The Birth Story of Camila Lima Cain

My pregnancy was great and baby and I were very healthy.  We loved GBO and were looking forward to having a nice peaceful delivery at the birth center.  But, as they say, things do not always go as planned!

Ten days prior to my due date, I began experiencing a lot of swelling. After keeping in touch with Cindi over the weekend, she advised us to get my blood pressure checked on Sunday afternoon (8 days before due date).  Sure enough, it was very high.

Next thing I know, my partner, Erika and I are grabbing our birthing kit, baby bag and hopping in the car on our way to Sacred Heart Hospital on the Emerald Coast.  Cindi had prearranged with Dr. Esses to have us admitted right away and was also on her way to meet us there.

We were definitely a bit disappointed and bit scared.  After all, the last nine months we’d been planning our totally natural child birth in a nurturing intimate environment.  Once admitted to the birth center at Sacred Heart, I was diagnosed with severe pre eclampsia. The only cure was to induce labor.

Luckily, my partner, my sister in law and doula, Carrie Cain, and Cindi were all there to support me through this change of birth plans.  I wasn’t able to do any of the labor techniques we had learned in class, since I was hooked up to machines and laying in a hospital bed.  But my body must have known it was time because I was actually having small contractions before they put me on pitocin.  The night progressed and so did my labor.

With my fantastic support team around me, I breathed, focused and pushed through the stages of labor.  Cindi left to get some rest, but Erika was in contact with her via text the entire time.  She was there for us each step of the way as we were making sure the nurses were doing the right things for our birth.

By 2:30am I had the first urge to push.  Erika called Cindi and the nurses called the doctor.  Everyone was in place at 3:30 and little Camila arrived at 3:40! It was three pushes and she was here!  I could never have done it without Erika and Carrie holding each of my hands and encouraging me through the whole journey.

As soon as Camila was born, she was skin to skin on my chest with Erika and I stroking her sweet little tiny body.  Erika was able to cut the cord after it pulsed and we didn’t allow them to take her from us.  Cindi began helping her learn to latch on.  She stayed right by our side for the first hour until Camila was nursing properly and happily.

It was an unforgettable and beautiful experience.  As a first time mom, I did not know what to expect.  But my body knew just what to do.  Under the circumstances, this unplanned hospital birth turned out just fine.  Thank you so much to Cindi and everyone at Gentle Birth Options for all of your support and help along the way!  Before during and after you have been our advocates!  And thank you to Christina for being an amazing lactation consultant and constant resource over the first weeks of Camila’s life.

With gratitude,

Melanie, Erika & Camila

IMG_2559 IMG_2604

The Birth Story of Sebastian James

The story of the coming of this little human starts like most… with love. I first met Maximilian in San Francisco and the connection and love was instant. We were made for one another. His company alone makes me the happiest lady around. The past two years at his side have been amazing. So many milestones have taken place for us both, the greatest being becoming parents.

Long before ever becoming pregnant, I knew that I wanted to have a natural birth, one that was not messed with or in which interventions made. I am among the women who realize that in most all cases the female body of all species is able to give birth without intervention. All we really need as a social species is other women (and men) to support us through it. What I didn’t know was what I was set to endure during this momentous experience.

Labor started for me on September 19 around 2:00 pm, which was ten days after my supposed “due date.” What does this date really do to us pregnant women, other than drive us crazy and set an impossible goal, as only 3-5% of babies come on their “due date.” My first emotion associated with labor was excitement. I was not afraid of what was to come. I describe early labor contractions as a tightening of the belly and an annoying uncomfortableness. It was far from unbearable. I thought, “If this is all it is but just a little more intense, I’ve got this in the bag, no problem.” I was very optimistic that it would not be too painful. As a first timer, I did not know just how intense it would become, so when I was mildly painful, I was thinking the baby could be coming soon. We went to the birth center around 10:30 pm that day. By 5:00 am on September 20, I remember using the word “agony” when answering my midwife’s question, “how are you doing?” I was quivering and my eyes were watering so badly that I could hardly see. I wasn’t “crying”; my eyes were just watering from the intensity of what I was feeling physically. These labor contractions where very painful. I hate when people try to describe pain by saying something such as, “it was like someone jabbed a knife into my belly and twisted it.” Does anyone really know how that feels or if they had experienced that, are they alive to tell the tale? As much as I hate these analogies, I would have used some horribly dramatic scenario to describe my pain.

Lying down and sitting were the absolute worst positions to be in during a contraction but my midwife demanded I rest during the nighttime hours as my body would need the energy for the roughest part that was yet to come. I lied down for several hours, sleeping only for very short amounts of time until I was awaken by a contraction. I wished so badly that I could have slept soundly. Maximilian was exhausted too, having been awake with me, trying to comfort me and do what he could to help. Finally when the sun arose and labor was getting more intense, my midwife checked my progress only to find that my cervix was pretty much just as it was hours before, open to about five centimeters. This was a tragic finding for us. How could I have endured all of this for so many hours already and have progressed no further? Prior to even going into labor and for a week prior, my cervix was open to about three centimeters. When arriving to the birth center the night before, there was another woman laboring also. Due to this, we were placed in the second birthing suite. We spent the night and some of the early morning hours in this room, resting what little I could and enduring. The other mama had her baby around 4:00 am. She and her family were on their way home around 8:00 am, if I can remember correctly. We were then placed in the main birthing suite which is larger and contains a large jetted bath tub to relax in. My memory does not serve me all too well in recalling the events of the entire labor. Simply, in my head to this day, early labor occurred in the night in the first room we spent time in, and active (agonizing) labor and the delivery occurred in the second room. Everyone was tired. I was fortunate enough to have both midwives with me for most of my labor and the birth. Cindi had attended the other woman who was at the center with me all night, so she was exhausted. Carla came to the center in the morning. They were both with me, combining their expertise to ensure I was doing all I could to keep things moving and taking care of myself. Not only did I have two midwives and two assistants at my side but Larissa, a chiropractor, who I had several sessions with in the last weeks of pregnancy, was there to help me. She and Carla had me taking part in movements and positions to help the baby’s positioning. Larissa was putting lots of pressure on my back as well as pushing on the baby, while my knees were on the ground and my arms resting on the edge of the bed. At this point, I was so tired and weak; I could hardly keep my eyes open. My body had received so little rest and food that it was starting to slow down. Cindi and Carla thought it a good idea for me to try spending a little time in the tub to try to relax. Sinking into the warm water was a very familiar enjoyment that was soon ruined by the inevitable contractions. As much as I wanted to enjoy the hot bath, the change in the force of gravity upon my belly would not allow it. The contractions felt different in the water. It is hard for me to explain, but I could tell that they were going to be more painful when I got back out of the water so the anticipation put me on edge. I didn’t spend much time in the water anyway, as the midwives were fearful my labor would stall too much. It had already been over 12 hours since we arrived at the center. Because my cervix wasn’t opening in the time that anyone preferred, most of all me, we had to try new things. Cindi brought out the breast pump hoping to stimulate the release of oxytocin and speed things up. This didn’t seem to change things.

Time went on and I continued to endure, the contractions getting tighter and more painful. I became dehydrated. I was nauseous and vomiting any water that I took in via mouth so I had fluids administered intravenously. This measly 1000ml of sodium chloride made me feel so much better and undoubtedly gave my body a little boost. At a certain point, Carla suggested me consider allowing her to break my bag of waters. The idea was that without the cushion of the water, the baby’s head would come down heavier on my cervix, allowing for further dilation. I agreed to this procedure, even though in the worst case scenario, it would not cause further, hasty dilation and the clock would be ticking for how much longer the baby could be inside. Upon picking a hole in the membrane, I felt the warm rush of fluid escape. Initially it was clear. As it continued to pool out, Carla observed it was tinged brown, an indicator that the baby had already pooped. This was not a good thing and it had me worried. Soon after the bag was popped, my body progressed very quickly. It did the trick. I went from six centimeters to nine in a very little amount of time.

I never thought I would be the vocal laboring woman. During the comfort measures class, there was discussion about keeping your sounds in the low pitches to facilitate a sense of calm and not panic that would ensue if your sounds hit high tones. I heard this but did not think it would be something I would need to put into practice. I was wrong. In the late afternoon on September 20, I was in the worst pain of my life. Everyone is the room continued to remind me to take deep, slow breaths and keep my vocalizations low in pitch. Both of these commands were so hard to heed. I found my body automatically panting and making high pitched sounds. I do find, looking back, that doing as I was instructed not only helped the process but also put my mind in a different and more calm space as I was focusing on something other than my pain.

I started pushing without even having to decide to do it. My body just started doing it. I feel that no woman giving birth needs to be coached on when to push. By the time you’re asking if you should be pushing, you should be pushing! You just know you have to. It just happens. This phase of birthing lasted about two hours or so. It’s weird but I felt my boy’s head pop past my cervix, at least that’s what I think that feeling was. It was an interesting feeling and I felt almost like it could have been heard, if your ear was close enough. It felt like progress, something I was craving. During my pregnancy, if I was intimidated at all by giving birth it was due to the thought of what the contractions would be like, not the pushing and delivery of my baby. There are surprises around every corner. The expelling of my baby from my uterus was incredibly intense. I feel like I’m running out of words to describe this ordeal, but I think you get the picture. The stretching happening below felt like a burning. My contractions were coming so close during the pushing and I was so longing to get my baby here that I pushed and pushed with all the might in the universe without so much as a full breath, through each and every contraction. I was being torn in two, but I wasn’t getting relief from not pushing so I might as well push, right? “Just rip yourself in two,” I said. “Get him here.”

Like I said, my memories of the entire event are hazy. I do however remember the assistants being so incredibly helpful and caring. I just so happened to have two assistants named Jessica. With all that was happening to me, I could not remember to do anything other than focus on and get through the current contraction. Both ladies were there offering me water by straw, keeping my hair out of my face and making sure I was comfortably cool or warm. They were so wonderful. I cannot sing their praises enough. Not to mention, Maximilian was there encouraging my every move and massaging and rubbing me. It’s not all too important to chronicle the exact series of events and describe the amount of pain I was in; what is important, and the reason for this story, is that my son was brought into this world as was intended by nature and chosen by his parents. All went according to plan, ultimately. The length of my labor, the meconium in my water, the agony my brain perceived, these things don’t matter in the end. All that matters is that my baby boy is in my arms.

Of all the positions I managed and mastered, the last one was the best for a special reason; it’s the one in which my son was born. I was on my hands and knees on the bed. Maximilian was in front of me to my right, encouraging me to the end. Because I couldn’t see Cindi, Carla, Jessica and Jessica, I assume they were behind me, or maybe it’s that my eyes were closed most of the time and I was closed off to everything but the task at hand. I had no idea how long I would be in this new position, trying to get my baby out. For all I knew, it would be another five hours. In my mind, I thought it was going to continue forever. He was never going to come out. I wasn’t in this position long before he came. With each contraction, I gave my all. I remember grasping with my hands, trying to find anything to grip and squeeze. It just so happened to be Maximilian’s pants. He told me later, when the mood wasn’t so intense, that I nearly grabbed his balls at one point. It scared him. Lol! I was being encouraged dramatically now by Cindi. I knew he was coming soon. “He has a lot of dark hair,” she said. I was so tired, painful, hot, you name it, but those few words made me so happy. Not only was his head visible, but my wish of having a baby with a head of hair came true. I felt his head with my fingers. He was oh so close to being out. I pushed even harder and with more strength than I knew I had. I felt his head come out. I was on task. I kept pushing. He was here. Instant relief. Instant nirvana. Cindi said, “pick up your baby!” He was on the bed between my legs. I pulled him up and held his head in my right hand, his body in my left hand and against my chest. He was crying, loudly. He was beautiful. I couldn’t believe how amazingly beautiful he was. You try to imagine whilst pregnant what your baby looks like. I dreamt about it too. I could not have imagined or dreamt up this beauty. I was instantly obsessed. All the pain, fatigue, everything bad, was gone. He erased it all with his presence. Maximilian and I stared at what we had made, in awe. This day will forever be in the front of my mind… I experienced many things monumental. It was the day on which this little human forever changed our lives. It was the day when I experienced more pain… and love… than I ever will again.



Story by Kristina Pionzio, Sebastian’s adoring mama. 2014.

The Birth Story of Skyler J’ann

I found Gentle Birth Options when I found out I was pregnant with my second child. My son was 8 months old and had been born at Eglin afb. I had dreamed of an amazing peaceful natural birth but as a first time mom I had given into the pressure and was induced at 41 weeks 2 days only 12 hours after my water broke I had tried very hard to make it through the intense painful pitocin induced labor but after 13 hours my body was giving up. I ended up getting an epidural that I had fought so hard to avoid. My son Tavin was born an hour later healthy but I was disappointed in my body. I knew next time it was going to be different. I never wanted to set foot in a labor and delivery unit ever again. This time aroud we decided to be surprised and not find out the babys gender. I had a pretty uneventful pregnancy so I will start my birth story off here… After 2 and a half weeks of prodromal labor and a couple false starts I was awoken at 4am by a surprisingly strong rush of intense sensation. Not believing it I laid in bed for a while longer, after 3 in a row I couldn’t lay down comfortably anymore and I was quite hungry so I got up make myself a shake whilst still having strong rushes I was having to stop what I was doing and breath through them. I decided then that this was the real thing and quietly started getting things together that I needed to take with me to the birthing center. I didn’t yet want to wake my husband in case it wasn’t really happening, but after a couple hours I’m going to say it was around 6 am that I decided to let Joseph(my husband)know that I was pretty sure it was the real deal and to give my birth team the heads up. Oddly enough he was awake with Tavin (they had slept upstairs to give me some peace and quiet. He said Tavin who never wakes up early for anything had randomly woke at 4 am and refused to sleep.) Joseph called my midwife let her know. she said if they needed to they would be able to be at the birthing center in 30 mins I decided to wait a little bit longer and we said we will call when we are ready for sure. He got up and helped me finish getting packed I let my friend who said she would watch Tavin know that we would be dropping him off. Joseph was going to make the 10 minute round trip over there and come back and get me but as he was about to walk out the door I had a very intense rush that made me involuntarily blurt out PLEASE HURRY! Thats when he made the call because he clearly knows me better then I know myself as I was secretly still in denial that this was actually labor. He quickly loaded me up as well and we headed out. My rushes spaced out in the car which didn’t help my denial and I was nervous that we were headed in too early. However they promptly picked back up. Car contractions are really not fun! We arrived at GBO around 7:30. Christina met me outside to help us in. I was bent over the back of the car, I looked up with a big smile and said HI! I could tell by the look on her face(which she later confirmed) that she she was thinking it was going to be a long day! The Birth team got me checked in and then left us alone to settle. Labor picked up pretty quickly and after a particularly intense rush I decided I wanted to get into the tub. Joseph started the water which got my birth teams attention because like I had already tried to tell him he needed to let them know to come fill the tub. My midwife Carla then performed my one and only cervical check and said I was at about 6cm able to stretch to 8. Then it was time to get in to the nice warm relaxing water. It was like heaven! I was not in there long I had to pee and got out. Peeing was extremely difficult because every time I needed to I would be having an intense rush and sitting down was near impossible I settled back in the tub but a little later thought I needed to poo and got back out. Joseph said that’s probably the baby! Don’t poo that’s that’s the baby! I was pretty positive it was just poo but Christina rushed in and blurted out “don’t you have a toilet baby!” Which got me laughing and contracting while trying to sit which was already pretty much an impossible task and I’m sure quite the sight. They however were very right and I headed right back to the tub. About 2 rushes later there was a pop and a gush and I felt the baby decend pretty rapidly. My body decided it was time to push. I made deep primal growling noises that I have never made before in my entire life. My body was on auto pilot. I was reminded by my midwife to relax a bit and when I did my instinct told me to lean backwards and in doing this the baby’s head popped out! My body then rested which seemed like forever but it was really only long enough for Joseph to say why don’t you push the rest of the baby out? and me to respond with because I’m not having a contraction! until another contraction hit and then the rest of the baby emerged. The cord was around the neck so my midwife quickly unwrapped it and just like that it was over and I was holding my sweet precious baby GIRL! I was so surprised I did a double take and and even asked for confirmation that what I was so seeing was actually girl parts. Miss Skyler came into this world at exactly 9 am. It was over with so quickly. I was grateful that I listened to my husband and left when we we did because we were only at the birth center for an hour and at half before she was born. I DID IT! I accomplished my goals. I had trusted my body and birthed my daughter without fear. My husband had been the exact support I needed. My birth team was awesome, we had some good laughs and I felt at home with them. I was able to relax and let my body do all the work. It was exactly what I needed to overcome the disappointment in my body that had haunted me. Skyler J’Ann Mabry was welcomed into this world on 6/17/2014 @ 9am at 40weeks 4 days gestation. 7lbs 9oz 20in long.

Skylar Mabry

The Birth of Christian

The Birth of Kace

KACE’S BIRTH – (I wrote this at 1:00 AM grammar and punctuation will be off 😉

First: Why have a baby out of the hospital when I had three healthy decent hospital experiences with my others?
I asked a friend at church last year if I could photograph her home birth just for the experience. I will admit and say up until that point I thought having a baby outside of the hospital was ridiculous. Why? Why have a child at home or at a center where there are no doctors, no pediatricians, NO EPIDURAL?? But that day changed my view forever. My friend had her baby girl and the room was filled with an overwhelming since of joy and peace and thankfulness, but it was silent. The sweet baby went to her mommas chest and within seconds she cried and turned pink. There weren’t a hundred people in and out. She didn’t give birth then hand the baby off to people for them to make her cry, put goop in her eyes, and wrap her in an ugly blanket. She actually bonded the first minutes of her child’s life. It was amazing. I can’t explain it but I knew after that I would want to look more into having an out of hospital birth if we had another. After finding Gentile Birth Options and hearing how much experience and knowledge Cindi had in this field I was more than confident. She has enough school to be a Doctor and far more experience than most people in the hospital setting. She has all the medications and equipment needed for any emergency situation. I knew she was my girl. After talking Troy into it we were set!When I found out our due date was May 6th, I jokingly told everyone he would be born May 5th(Cinco De mayo)and we would have a fiesta every year for him to celebrate. Little did I know he really would arrive on May 5th.That morning my friend Kellie asked could she come over. I told her only if she brought pineapple. After texting two other friends trying to talk them into meeting me at the mall or outlets to walk this baby out pineapple seemed to be my only hope. I ate pineapple about 10:00 AM and we sat and talked for hours. During our conversation my water broke. I texted my midwife Cindi at 3:48 telling her I thought it broke and called her shortly after to tell her it definitely did. I called friends from church to come get the other three kiddos, called Troy, and cleaned my van out. By 4:20 I called Troy telling him I was in a lot of pain and to hurry. Honestly I didn’t want to be a wimp. My water had just broke 30 minutes ago so I had a long while to go right? I kept thinking how in the world could I do this for the next several hours. My water never broke on its own before. He got home around 4:30 and we headed straight for the birthing center.I was having some horrible contractions but still managed to put on my makeup in the car between every contraction. I remember holding the mascara and thinking, what if I can’t do the other eye? I’ll look ridiculous! I called Cindi at 4:58 and told her I was in a lot of pain. In the back of my head I still thought I was possibly being a hypachondriac and needed to chill out. So I decided to feel down there… Yep I could feel head. I pulled my pants down in the car. And somehow after driving through an intersection with 12 lanes and all red lights then almost running into the birthing center doors I manage to keep him in a few more minutes. Troy hops out, pulls my pants back up and gives me off to Cindi. I walk in, crowned and all, to the room and drop my pants and fall flat back on the bed. Cindi says she can see his  head and all I have to do is get on all fours and push. And with that I knew I had this. I knew this was it. This was the moment I’d waited for, and thought about, and encouraged myself for. I prayed about this moment over and over. I envisioned it, a lot differently but I envisioned it non the less. Troy walks in and takes his shirt off and just as he sits down behind me and at 5:03in the first push out comes our sweet boys head. It was the most amazing thing in the world to actually hold his head in my hand and push the rest of his body out into his daddy and my arms (with Cindi’s guidance).9 lbs 9 oz 21 ½ inches long. Kace Tucker Kiick came into this world.

I know I sat there on my knees in shock for moments until Cindi told me to lay back. I think the first thing I said to Kace was “Hey Buddy, wheres your hair?” Everyone was amazing. It was far more then I ever dreamed of. Now I won’t lie, I had thought of my beautiful water birth many of times. I bought a special bathing suit top and water proof makeup and hired a birth photographer. I pinned a million hairstyles that would look great during birth but stay out of the way. I bought $50 worth of essential oils to help with birth. I studied a quote I found online and wrote it on a chalkboard to help me concentrate during birth. I watched video after video. I had music downloaded. But after its all said and done I don’t think I’d trade my hour and 18 minute labor with only the last thirty minutes being tough, for all of that.

Whats the big deal? I had every bit of control of this situation. I alone and completely birthed my baby. I didn’t have to be told when to push or have manual guidance. I didn’t need drugs to deal with it like I did in the past. I just did it. I’m proud of that. There was an overwhelming feel of Joy and a high I had never felt with any of the others. The atmosphere was so positive and encouraging. There aren’t words to explain the difference of how it felt but its definitely something I’d do again and again. I honestly feel like a different person since I’ve had him. I have a different sense of confidence and peace in myself. It could be my over abundance of hormones taking over my body or it could be that it was just that amazing.

Credit for photo goes to Sabrina Lewis our amazing birth photographer. I have no idea how she made it there but she did and this photo alone is totally worth every penny.

The Birth of Campbell Jane

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