Community Outreach

Breastfeeding Support & Lactation Clinic

All expecting and breastfeeding mothers are encouraged to attend our weekly Breastfeeding Support Circle. Bring your baby and learn in a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Some of the many topics of discussion are: postpartum adjustment, feeding cues, normal newborn behavior, nursing in public and anything breastfeeding related. Our meetings are geared towards mother to mother support, and are typically moderated by a Certified Lactation Educator/Counselor. Surround yourself with like minded nursing mothers. Meetings occur every Friday from 9:30am to 11am at Growing Green Bums. All are welcome, including siblings! Snacks are welcome. Water, tea and coffee are available. Contact our office at (844) 262-4784 for further details regarding our free support groups, or with need for general mothering support and encouragement.

Our lending library is also open for those seeking additional information about optimizing their breastfeeding experience, and certainly our lactation experts are available for consultation. Schedule an appointment by calling the office. Don’t forget to check out all the resources on our lactation services page for a plethora of breastfeeding resources! 


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