Facebook Group

At Gentle Birth Options, we know that a supportive community is vital, so we encourage and facilitate that for our clients and like-minded families around the world.

Join us on our facebook group Growing Green Families (open to everyone).  All the information you need to Grow your Green Family. A “crunchy”, “natural-minded” group moderated by your friends at Growing Green Bums for friends and families along the Emerald Coast.

GBO Sisterhood is a private facebook group for current or past clients of Gentle Birth Options. It is offered as a virtual community for mothers to ask questions, seek support and encouragement from other moms and connect. Deciding to have an Out-of-Hospital birth can be a challenging decision that can leave you feeling as though you are on an island without support. As OOH families, we have common experiences.

This is the GBO FAN CLUB. This group was formed to help GBO moms and staff find like-minded people, but you must share our passion. It is imperative that you share the GBO mission and support us whole-heartedly to be part of this group.

It is also our primary mode of communicating current changes within the practice and reminders regarding up-coming events, office closings, practice policies, and requests for support.

This group is for ACTIVE clients of GBO. We have so many clients that aren’t comfortable sharing information on Facebook and are very hesitant to join the group, so we assure them that everyone in the group is active in our practice. To keep up-to-date with our practice, this group is very important to our clientele base so I need to be true to this guideline.

Unfortunately for this to remain truthful, if you choose another provider for the same services we offer, for example OB/GYN or Lactation, we will need to remove you from the group.  If you are planning an unassisted birth, this group is not a good fit for you.

Families are encouraged to share thoughts, questions, experiences and advise as they feel comfortable doing so, and we ask that families keep this confidential; however, we cannot guarantee this, nor will the midwives  or staff provide medical care or advice via facebook.

Please call the office if you have healthcare concerns.