Birth Services

At Gentle Birth Options, LLC we offer a discounted package price for pregnancy care and delivery. This is offered at a discounted rate. No discount of this fee is ever given for late entry into care or if you are transferring in from another care provider; therefore the fee is the same for all mothers no matter how many weeks pregnant they are at their initial visit. Should you transfer care out of the practice prior to the onset of labor, fees will be itemized and you will be charged only for the care and services you received.

The package fee includes the following services:
Consultation with the CNM,
Complete health history of Client and Father of Baby,
Pregnancy risk assessment,
Complete physical including breast and pelvic exams,
Obtaining routine required lab specimens (lab fees are separate),
Ongoing assessment of pregnancy health,
Nutritional and exercise counseling,
Birth preparation thru education and discussion,
Advice or treatment of minor illness/discomforts,
Monthly prenatal visits in the office through 32 wks, then every 2-3 weeks until 40
weeks, then weekly until delivery,
Prenatal home visit between the 35th and 37th week of pregnancy (for home birth clients),
24/7 availability for emergencies throughout pregnancy and labor and delivery
after 37 weeks,
Labor management and home birth care,
Newborn exam, post partum care and two home visits in the week after birth to
check you and baby,
Preparation and filing of the birth certificate,
Obtaining the newborn metabolic screening (lab fee is separate),
Post partum office visits available at two weeks after birth, and the
6 week well-woman and well-baby checkup.
The following services are not included in the package home birth fee:
Specialized testing, lab fees, medications and ultrasound’s,
Administration of medications (IV equipment, syringes, etc),
Consultation for prescriptions,
Office and/or home visits for concerns outside of the standard prenatal schedule,
Lactation consultations outside of the standard postpartum schedule detailed
Emergency transport charges,
Obstetricians and/or pediatricians fees if such care is needed or desired,
Hospital charges,
Birth supply kit,
Birth assistant fee,
Childbirth education classes and/or supplies,
Verification, in-network exception and billing of insurance,
HIPPA or Short-term Disability paperwork,
Family planning services, and
Care for illness unrelated to pregnancy.