Explore Your Gentle Birth Options

Gentle Birth Options offers one-hour, group informational sessions every week as an opportunity for potential clients to discern if our practice would be a good fit for your maternity and/or health-care needs. While well-behaved children are welcome at each prenatal session and most importantly your birth, informational sessions are group sessions and therefore, in effort for everyone to hear the discussion and have opportunity to ask questions, it can prove helpful to find alternative childcare for active children.

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Please be Aware

Our maternity slots fill up very quickly. We would encourage you to attend an informational session before you become pregnant to determine if Gentle Birth Options would be the right choice for you. This will give you opportunity to call our office and reserve your spot as soon as you discover you are pregnant. If you are further along when you make your decision, please call our office and inquire about openings as we may in fact have one, but we want to caution clients about waiting and potentially learning no openings are available.