Cindi Denbow CNM, ARNP, IBCLC is a board certified lactation consultant with an undergraduate degree in Nursing and a graduate degree in Research and Midwifery.  She has more than a decade of experience working with lactating mothers and has fewer greater joys than encouraging mothers, advocating for their rights, and working through challenges in effort to optimize the breastfeeding couples experience.

Gentle Birth Options, LLC hosts a Breastfeeding support group every Friday from 930 to 1030 in our Niceville Office.


Please print the following forms and complete them prior to your initial lactation visit with us.

Lactation Registration Form

HIPAA Privacy Form

Lactation Consent

Breastfeeding Questionnaire Form

Breastfeeding Help

InfantRisk Center – National Call Center for mothers and providers with questions about the use of specific medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. 806-352-2519

Breastfeeding in Public Instructional Videos: Nursing TopsLegal RightsPrivacy PropsBreastfeeding with a Blanketwith a Baby Wrapwith a Ring Slingwith a Nursing Cover and a Nursing Shawl, a Mei Tai and with a Pregnancy Band, and Breastfeeding Positions in Public.